theory and practice of basic sailing


The course “Basics of sailing” is a beginner’s course, designed for  those  who want to learn the joys of sailing without having previous experience

This course will tech you the following : to adapt to the wind, sea and life on board, learn basic sailing techniques and to understand the underlying logic of the behavior of sailors at sea

Age: for all adults (16-18 years with the signature of a parent or guardian)

Prerequisites: no

Min. Requirements: swimming skills and willingness to exercise

Acquired skills: the basics of steering, handling sails, participation in all the work on the boat

Accommodation: Maritime zone: Istria Course duration: 5 days

Daily schedule:

08:30 – introduction to the program

10:15 – departure

13:00 – Lunch break (anchoring)

14:00 – navigation

17:00 – return to the marina and reorganizing  ship

Theoretical and practical part includes:

safety at sea and ship
terminology on the boat (the English terminology for all courses)
Basic directions of movement sailboats
port / starboard side.
wind ward / lee ward side
why the boat is going forward (Bernoulli’s law)
position of crew members
sails and rigging sails
base trim sails
trim sails
sailing course
turn in the wind
Preventing Collisions at Sea
apparent wind
meteorology – wind and wind rose
nodes – pasture, vrzni, pledge, male, anchor, plutačni node and eights


Rain jacket, tight pants (mostly in winter sailing), sailing gloves, double shoes, T-shirts and long-sleeved, short and long pants, sunscreen to protect from the sun – a high factor, hat head, towels and more personal hygiene, bathing.

Start: Saturday
Completion: Saturday


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