Larus has to experience the sea on a completely new, and in fact a long time ago. Characteristic of the wooden sailboat Larus, which was built in 1930, is completely restored according to its original appearance in 2000-2004. and serves for the promotion and education of the Croatian Naval Heritage.

The ship was built at that time for commercial purposes in the Adriatic. The ship’s flag is a trabakul. In 2012 msy Larus gets the status of a protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Classical sailing is a return to the essential values ​​of sailing, the marvelous symbiosis of the sea and the man, who with the power of wind, with great pleasure, at the same time and with awe, unequivocally sailing the sea bass.

Sailing has long been simple – craftsmanship with only wind power. Sometimes sailing was used solely as a skill and an overwhelming need to manage war, trade and tourist ships. With the appearance of a steam engine, later on other types of engines, it slowly but surely loses economic importance.

Today’s sailing, classic sailing, above all enjoyment, fun, recreation and sport. Classic sailing, especially. Romantic time of sailing brings you back to full splendor. Larus will experience the sea in a completely new, and indeed lost, dimension that can not be compensated by any of the most modern boats.

Trabakul Larus returns the spirit of old times, sea pleasures and sailing in a historic way. No, this is what the words, and how well they are complex, can not simply be described in the right way.

That simply needs to be experienced. Larus, sea and wind, a perfect sea story. Or, as he has always said – sail in full sails! With Larus you will do it in the fullest sense!

Theoretical and practical part includes:

Trabakul Larus, built in 1930, and completely restored in 2004. Equipped for classical sailing. It has two main sails and three jeeps    with a total surface area of ​​200 m2. It is 22 meters long and 5 meters wide.

MSY LARUS or SPIRIT DA BARCOLANA, as it was called in the famous 38th Barcolani, known as one of the last fighters in time, proud of its maritime history that conquers the finest flavors of top experts. True sea and sailing enthusiasts, as well as those who want to become, will provide a unique experience and enable active participation and exploration of ancient sailing techniques.

The beauty of our travel is that everyone starts in the same way with a security briefing followed by training on how the ship works and yours participate in it. This applies to new and returning sailors, so everyone starts at the same rate.

Precise details of how this will be done will vary from small cuts to big big ships and all the ships between them.

Safety Warning

The brief will contain some of the most important security information. How to use? Where are they stored? How to check their quality? We will teach you how to use the life jacket, torch, sound signals and more …


The idea will be to familiarize you with the basics of sailing, picking up and simply setting sails for grip, tack or boat handling. (Do not worry, all of these terms will be explained as part of the training.) Management and other duties can also be described or displayed. All assigned tasks will be monitored and will help you until you do it yourself. (Remember, we want you to sail again and it is in our best interest to take care of it properly.)

Learning to rope

Even on a small boat there can be up to forty different ropes that perform different tasks. We will teach you which are best to use in every situation. It is not important to know all kinds of knots, but it is important that you know the purpose and that you are comfortable when you do it.

All tasks are easy to run after you are shown how to perform them. Many of them require a team of people to do it, and this is part of a social party trip.

All boats that pass through the water have to keep a true lookout, in the sea tongue it is called “in progress”. You may think that in these days of radar, GPS and other gisms all this can be covered electronically, but the most important is to participate. Because sometimes technology does not work as you think.


Once you feel right on board, the step closer to becoming a great sailor.

Taking a rudder and steering a boat is one of the highest points of any trip, training is again given before you can do it yourself.


Enjoy training, get to know your crew members and a steady team in this process and in no time you will not feel like an experienced sailor.



Friday 15: 00-18: 00

Getting to know the motor sailer Larus, sails, his technical and martial skillslunch,getting acquainted with history with Croatian wooden ships and their purposes .. After arriving in sorting equipment and ship, dinner.

Saturday 10: 00-18: 00

sail with a boat and meet and learn the art of traditional sailing, lunch, learning, sailing

Sunday 10: 00-15: 00

sailing and dock and anchoring, getting to the harbor and cleaning the boat, lunch …

Price includes:

-Msy Larus

– accommodation in a 3 *** hotel in a double room / 2 x buffet breakfast

-2 x lunch (msy Larus)

-tax, VAT, printed materials


Dates :

06-08.April 2018. / 13.-15.April 2018. / 27.-29.Ap/11.-13.May 2018./ 25.-27.May 2018.

21-23.sep../ 28-30.sep. / 12.-14.oct. / 19.-21.oct / 26.-28.oct .2018.

Price per person : € 360

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