7 Day/ 6 Nights Sailing

Just picture yourself sailing crisp clear Croatian Adriatic, sunbathing on deck of classic  yacht, surrounded by friendly atmosphere, having delicious cuisine, enjoying quality wines, visiting heavenly beaches, lavender smell bays, unique islands covered with old olive trees and historic towns.

We start this cruise from the city of Zadar . Upon you arrival our crew members will be waiting to accommodate you. The meeting point is marina Zadar. The skipper will show you your cabin, explain the itinerary in detail and answer all of you question and assist you in every possible way. The incredible journey starts at 5 pm. For more detail description or daily itinerary click on the heading.

Day 1. Zadar

Zadar is a city monument, surrounded by historical ramparts, a treasury of the archaeological and monumental riches of ancient and medieval times, Renaissance and many contemporary architectural achievements such as the first sea organs in the world . Places in Zadar you should visit are Sea Organ is situated on the western end of Zadar´s Riva, and can be observed as a differently shaped part of the coast which consists of several stairs that descend into the sea, The Greeting to the Sun ,On Istarska obala, at the very end of the Zadar peninsula, next to the famous Sea Organ, Kalelarga, also known as the Wide Street, is the main and most famous street in the city of Zadar. Some people say it is even older than the city itself, spreading in the direction west – east from People´s Square to the city’s famous Forum. After boarding and lunch we begin sailing, one of the most popular islands on the northern Adriatic Island of Pag.  

Day 2 Island of Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok Croatian for “Long Islandis the seventh largest island in the Adriatic Sea, part of Croatia. and derives its name from its distinctive shape (it is 45 km (28 miles) long by 5 km (3 miles) wide The beautiful island of Dugi Otok, with a Mediterranean climate and ancient Croatian culture, receives very few visitors. Olive oil, figs, cheese and wine accompany the seafood in the natives’ diet. A definite step back in time, the island boasts an ancient pre-Roman church and some Roman ruins. More than 1500 hectares are covered with vineyards

Day 3 National park Kornati Archipelago

Breakfast is served after which we continue to Kornati  archipelago of Croatia, also known as the Stomorski islands, is located in the northern part of Dalmatia, south from Zadar and west from Šibenik, With  140 islands, some large, some small, in a sea area of about 320 square kilometres (124 sq mi), the Kornati are the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. From northwest to southeast (from the island of Balabra to Samograd), and from northeast to southwest (from Gangarol to Mana) they stretch for 13 km (8 miles). The name of the archipelago is the plural form of the name of the largest island, called Kornat.

Day 4 City of Skradin National park Krka

we begin sailing towards Skradin  located near the Krka river and at the entrance to the Krka National Park The main attraction of the park, Slapovi Krke, is a series of waterfalls, the biggest of which, Skradinski buk, was named after Skradin. Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates visited Skradin in the summer. He named it his favorite vacation place in Forbes Magazine.

Day 5 Island of Murter

Fishing Capital of Dalmatia. The Island of Murter has  the highest number of register fishermen boats in northern Dalmatia. Island is also know for it donkey race that honors the most voluble animal on the Island  which helped them cultivate the local vineyards.

Day 6 Island of Pašman

Among all islands in Croatia  Pašman that has the most green  vegetation compared to its size. It also have some wonderful places to see like The monastery of Saint Cosmas and Damian, a supreme cultural monument from the twelfth century, was build atop Ćokavac hill above Tkon. The Benedictine monks hold an immense collection of sacral art within its walls, while the Franciscans chose the site of Kraj for their own monastery, named for Saint Dominus, in the fourteenth century.

Day 7 City of Zadar

After breakfast you will say goodbye to the crew and we hope to see you again aboard Croatia Sailing Center.

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